SWISSBALM ALPINE LIP CARE 1974/6 until now. Creaky fresh snow, -30° on the Gemsstock, frozen nose tips, Davosian wood sledge, snow chains near Arosa, Spaghetti Bolognese in the ski hut, fluorescent-coloured sunglasses, your father’s warm gloves, playing Space Invaders, snowed-in cars, cold feet, wool blankets, first downhill, ski-waxing with the flat iron, ski school badge, cheese fondue, plaided tablecloths, parlour games, full-moon walking-tours, horse sledging in St. Moritz, back scratcher, monoski, Scratching wool caps, mass accommodation, marmots, mass accommodation, sleeping bags, ski helmet, wool blankets, SWISSBALM. SWISSBALM was created from the childhood memories of two brothers – and a whole generation. SWISSBALM Alpine Lip Care is made from Swiss Alp herbs and returns natural humidity to dry lips; contributing to the healing of sensitive and irritated lips. SWISSBALM COMMITMENT: Natural ingredients and agents Dermatologically tested SWISSBALM GmbH Richard-Wagner-Strasse 21 8002 Zurich Switzerland saentys